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Завод "Микрон" начал выпуск микропроцессоров "Эльбрус-2СМ"

Пластины с кристаллами «Эльбрус»

В 2012 году наше государство снова обратило внимание на возможности завода. Заключив партнёрство с корпорацией РОСНАНО, удалось закупить технологию и оборудование для выпуска продукции по топологии 90 нм с медной металлизацией у той же компании STMicroelectronics. Это оказалось как нельзя кстати, так как действующей линии 180 нм уже стало не хватать для удовлетворения возросших требований ряда заказчиков. Текущие возможности завода на топологиях 180−90 нм сегодня составляют 36 тысяч 200-миллиметровых пластин в год.

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    sepheronx sepheronx

    Some of you people expect too much from so little.

    Elbrus 4C has proven in some tests that even at low clock rate, it is capable of competing against Core i3, and that is a lot from a company who only recently started working on a CISC processor. The compiler maybe somewhat outdated but in the end, the processor is supposed to meet the demand of supercomputing and industrial production goods. It is the Baikal processor in the future supposed to be more for the average masses.

    Add in the fact too, that Elbrus 8C is under development and who knows what MCST has plans for in the future. Already, performance for the Elbrus processors are much higher than VIA, and fill the same nich in the market.

    Intel and AMD have been in the game for a very long time, and even recently, AMD has become a FABless company. Intel is the only one with their own FABS and are not going higher than 300 mm.

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      Нет аватара checkpoint

      Elibrus is not CISC but VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) architecture and it’s not new! Elbrus has been in development since later 90th and it has a long range of predecessors. All the rest is correct.

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        sepheronx sepheronx

        Very true. I thought this was native x86.

        Being developed in the 90's though is not quite the same for Russia as Russia faced major issues and Babayan sold off a portion of MCST to Intel. The fact that MCST is still functioning and able to produce its own semiconductors (or in this case, microprocessors) are quite the advantage.

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          Andrey Tupkalo Andrey Tupkalo

          In fact, Babayan didn’t really sell anything, he ended in Intel by the way of Transmeta only AFTER Itanium II was largely completed. He (and Vladimir Pentkovsky) paved a way to what seems a strategic alliance, though.

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      Andrey Tupkalo Andrey Tupkalo

      Compiler isn’t outdated, it’s input language is, a bit. ;) Though I’ve talked with MCST guys last year on MAKS, and they’ve said that their compiler by that time was already gcc 4.2 compatible, which isn’t really outdated.

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