анонсирована система хранения данных на базе процессора Эльбрус-2С+

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    There’s one already based on К1879ХБ1Я which is a highly integrated ARM11 based SoC with DSP and stuff by НТЦ «Модуль». It’s only 324MHz though fast enough for real-time video encoding/decoding. There’s a small computer MB77.07 based on this SoC, avaiable for less than $100. I had been trying one some time ago — neat stuff. It runs Linux.

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      My understanding of that is the ARM chip is from Fujitsu Japan. I am talking of Elbrus 1C made in Russia. The Elbrus 1C would dominate ARM proc in hard number crunching.

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        Well, you have been talking about small PCs like Raspberry Pi for embedded applications like routes, TV sets, fridges and microwaves. Number crunching is not an issue for this domain, using Elbrus is this case might be shooting from a gun on sparrows, besides it’s still quite some power hungry (nothing comparing to Intel’s Core Ix of course).

        As for the К1879ХБ1Я SoC by Модуль, it has many IP modules inside licensed from a number of different suppliers, except DSP which is Модуль’s breakthrough solution. It is targeted solely at consumer electronics where price matters, so it’s being produced on Taiwanese TSMC fab, AFAIK.

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