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В России освоили производство новых моделей станков

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Как сообщила пресс-служба АО «СтанкоМашКомплекс» в июле 2019 года, российский производитель станков с ЧПУ (Тверской станкостроительный завод) разработал новую модель фрезерных центров ФС160МФ4 массой 12,5 тонн (ранее сайт «Сделано у нас» сообщал о новых моделях станков СтанкоМашКомплекса), партию которую изготовил и отправил в адрес новгородского машиностроительного предприятия.

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    sepheronx sepheronx

    It isn’t just Baikal. Elbrus 1C+ Is capable of doing all this plus more. So its another case of companies haveing little to no communication between each other and interoperability. Meaning companies like this are looking for cheap methods rather than Russian methods. Why use your own which may cost a bit more, when you can import?

    There should be heavy duty fines for companies who do this.

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      Нет аватара termometrix

      Absolutely agree!Another example of bad communication, poor collaboration and professional anarchy between russian companies.Thank for your support,brother!We are all very flattered here of your sincere attention on our huge problems in CNC industry!

      With best regards!

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      Нет аватара LAP17


      It’s another case of a person who has no idea of manufacturing trying to enforce his incompetent advice on people who know what they are doing.

      Now many years of professional experience in manufacturing, and specifically, in chip-based equipment development do you have? I bet in all your life you have not even seen any such device!

      Отредактировано: LAP17~23:23 07.10.19
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        Нет аватара termometrix

        Now many years of professional experience in manufacturing

        And how many years of professional experience do you personally have in CNC machines development;maintenance and research in control process units of these kind of sysytem control devices,dear Mrs Inquistion? How many patents and useful models,topologigal schemes and so on you have created exactly in that kind of business?

        You are a quantum physicist by occupation,isn't so?

        What do you professionally understand on sysytem engineering in mechanical industry?!?

        Отредактировано: termometrix~08:31 08.10.19
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          Нет аватара LAP17


          1. It’s rude to answer a question with another question.

          2. I have not given an advice on CNC machines and such, and have not criticized professionals for what they introduced/developed, precisely because I am nit a professional.

          3. Thus, re-address your questions to yourself and your criticizing unprofessional «brother» above.

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            Нет аватара termometrix

            Thus, re-address your questions to yourself and your criticizing unprofessional «brother» above.

            Who told you he is unrofessional,your CIA curators?

            Отредактировано: termometrix~08:46 08.10.19
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              Нет аватара LAP17


              No, I learned about that from your other brother, commie-idiot Ziuganov.

              Thanks for your «very informative and polite» conversation. Do not bother to reply.

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