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Новый 8-ядерный микропроцессор Эльбрус-8С запущен в производство

Компания ЗАО "МЦСТ" запустила в производство опытную партию универсальных микропроцессоров Эльбрус-8С. Расчётная рабочая частота чипа - 1.3 ГГц, технология производства – 28 нм, вычислительная мощность составляет 250 гигафлопс. Получение готовых образцов микросхем ожидается в октябре 2014 года.

Микропроцессор Эльбрус-8С - полностью российская разработка. Кристалл микропроцессора спроектирован по технологии 28 нм, имеет 8 процессорных ядер с улучшенной 64-разрядной архитектурой Эльбрус 3-го поколения, кэш-память 2-го уровня общим объёмом 4 мегабайта и 3-го уровня объёмом 16 мегабайт.

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    sepheronx sepheronx

    This is a very important step. Even if it has to be made in Taiwan due to not having a 28nm FAB in Russia, the fact that the FABless company has designed a CISC processor this powerful, means lots. Production can be brought home later on, but the design and knowhow is what is important, and Russia has proven again they can do it.

    Even if this processor isn't exactly 1 - 1 with Intel, doesn't mean a lot. Average user can barely notice the difference in performance, and at the same time, most applications need to be designed around the architecture of the processor to make most use of it. Much like the GOST test with the Elbrus 4C showed that if a program is designed around the processor, it can do wonders in terms of performance. If they can make these processors 3Ghz, then you would have a processor more 1 - 1 with Intel.

    MCST is Russia's AMD. Both are FABless facilities. And within short period of time, MCST has shown that they can go from having no CISC processor (or one equivalent to 1990 standard) to having something very close to i3 and i5 series.

    I am excited to see what they do after the 8C. Maybe their own ARM? Maybe a CISC processor more for average consumer like high clock speeds and better instruction sets? More availability to coding for it under linux to make games and programs that take advantage of the architecture? So cool!

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      Chetnik Chetnik

      It is not CISC, it is VLIW.

      Also, MCST also have SPARC CPU, and there is KVARC architecture (RISC) by KM211. Also, Komdiv MIPS by RAN. Those are very similar to ARM.

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